Vita Liberata sunscreen

Vita Liberata sunscreen

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Now that we are fast approaching the summer season, have you thought about sunscreen yet? We’ve already been blessed with a few hot days here and there so I’ve already had mine out.

If you are anything like me, I’ve really started to think about what I’m putting onto my skin and more importantly my children’s skin. We are learning so much about some of these nasty ingredients some product houses are still using in their products. So where possible it’s probably safer to go natural/organic.

Vita Liberata sunscreen range is the one to use. It can be used by all the family and comes in a spf 25 and spf 50. Milk or a dry oil and also a face serum spf 30.

It contains Passion flower and Argan so it has anti-ageing benefits to preserve skin while you enjoy the sun.
Highly refined and doesn’t contain any chemicals of concerns.

At the moment we are offering a free 10ml dry oil spf 50 with any Vita Liberata product ordered. A great size to keep in your handbag!

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